Why Don’t We release artsy music video for “Something Different”

Why Don't We

What you painting there, Daniel?

It’s here! We now have the music video for Why Don’t We‘s latest single “Something Different”. It’s a track taken from the group’s second EP, which dropped a week ago.

The video is directed by Viner/Youtuber Logan Paul. We’re not sure what Logan did but he managed to make what looks like the best WDW music video yet.

In it, you (yes, you) become a patron at an art gallery. You’re invited to wander the venue and examine every piece of artwork on the wall. The five members of WDW are different elements of the gallery–a painting, an artist, or even a fellow visitor. They all look at you when you come and sing you a part of “Something Different”. It really is a beautiful place.

We didn’t know what to expect when we first heard that “Something Different” was getting a music video, but we sure didn’t see this coming. Watch it all below and get ready to be impressed!

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