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Forever in Your Mind

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The three guys of Forever in Your Mind recently sat down with AfterBuzz TV for a little interview. In it, they were a classic question: each member take turns describing the other people using only one word.

It sounds simple but you’ll come to realize that it’s actually quite a challenge. Imagine describing your best friends in only one word. Not so easy, right? Everyone’s got multiple dimensions and personality traits.

Liam Attridge, Emery Kelly, and Ricky Garcia also seemed to have a tough time trying to find the right words. Each person took a long pause but did manage to come up with something. Here’s what they said:

Liam said, “Ricky is happy…all the time. Most of the time. Well, ninety-percent of the time. Emery, I would say…um…confident.”

When it was Emery’s turn, he called Liam “funny”. “He’s been very funny recently,” Emery said and clarified that it’s because Liam had good dry humor (Liam explained that “sarcastic” is what it is).

Emery said Ricky was “goofy” and “happy”.

Ricky called Emery “adventurous” and Liam a “homebody” (basically, they’re polar opposites). He said to Liam, “You know how to do things inside a house better. You know how to relax and watch TV.” However, Ricky made it clear that it did not mean his friend was “boring”.

There you have it. Were you surprised by their descriptions or did you already know these things?

Watch the full interview below!

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