Suite 16 lose two members but they’re not done just yet

Suite 16

(Photo: Suite 16 on Instagram)

The last time we heard from Suite 16, they were participating in the Norwegian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest with their song “Anna Lee”. That was a year ago and the group had been quiet after that (except they did pop up for a bit during Christmas time). We weren’t sure what was going on, but now it seems like we finally have an answer as to their next step.

Yesterday, Suite 16 announced that two of their five members were leaving: Vemund Rosendal and Alexandru Gros Grindvoll. The band posted the news to their fans on Facebook.

Suite 16

(Suite 16 on Facebook)

Vemund and Alexandru also took to social media to announce their departure and thank everyone for the journey. Vemund did not make it clear what he would do next, but Alexandru said that he is working on solo music.

The rest of the group made it clear that they are continuing on with Suite 16 and are looking forward to (what they call) Chapter 2. They even filmed and released a little promotional video to commemorate the new beginning.


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The band originally had five members and two of them just left. If you know basic math, you’ll know that it means three members still remain. However, call us crazy but we might be seeing four members in the above video, which means they may be adding a new person. Suite 16 haven’t announced anyone new yet, but could that be the case?

Stay tuned to find out.

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