Citizen Four shared their most memorable time on tour

Citizen Four

(Photo: Alexa Ocean Ray)

Late last year, Citizen Four joined Sabrina Carpenter on a nationwide tour. It all ended several months ago, and the guys now have time to really reflect on the adventure that they were on.

In an interview with Twist magazine, each member of C4 were asked to recall a memorable moment during the tour.

Since this was their first tour, member Austin Percario  talked about how he failed to pack the most essential item since he didn’t know better. He said, “I remember being fiercely hangry (hungry + angry) most of the time because I did not pack accordingly. Food is a limited commodity when you’re traveling show to show, and I love to eat.”

Josh Levi remember starting the tour off on a crazy foot. “One particular moment that is definitely memorable is Conner and Austin and Carson almost missing the first flight to our first show,” he shared. “Austin and Conner ending up missing the flight and Carson made it on at the very last minute. It made for a hilarious start to C4’s first tour.”

For Conner Boatman, the most memorable time was losing his debit card and being cash-strapped for a long time. We bet that’s hard to forget. “One of my favorite behind-the-scenes stories would have to be me losing my debit card in the first city, Nashville, and not having any form of money till we made it back to LA like five cities later,” he said. Ouch. Luckily, though, he wasn’t alone and got support from others. “Shout out to our manager Kyle for hooking it up and letting me Venmo everything.”

Of course, no tour is complete without weird pranks on other members. Carson Boatman told us about the time he and his brother Conner played a trick on Josh. He said, “One stand out moment was when I tricked josh into thinking Conner and I were staying in a different room than we actually were. So when he tried to ding dong ditch us in the middle of the night, he got caught by a middle aged man who wasn’t very happy about being woken up.” Yikes!

Click here to read the full interview.

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