Roadtrip turn Harry Styles’ “Sign of the Times” into a pop song in new cover

All smiles here.

Harry Styles’ iconic solo single “Sign of the Times” is climbing up the charts and being covered left and right. Not too long ago, we talked about American girl group  The Janes singing a pop rendition of this song and now it’s time for another pop cover. This time, we’re being entertained by boyband RoadTrip.

These guys, like The Janes before us, are opting for adding dance beats to “Sign of the Times” instead of going with the classic rock sound that Harry established. RoadTrip also decide to ditch the brooding mood that we see from Harry’s live performances and show that this song can also be sung when you’re hanging out with friends and in a happy mood.

Also, maybe it’s just us but Roadtrip’s cover makes us miss One Direction even more. Something about a group of guys singing what could actually be a One Direction song that just hits the deepest part of our heart. Sigh.

Watch it all below!

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