Lisa Cimorelli and Wesley Stromberg perform acoustic cover of “Shout Out to My Ex”

Lisa Cimorelli, Wesley Stromberg

This is some good stuff.

It’s time for another cover, guys! This time, we’re not seeing a whole band coming together to sing but rather just two people from different groups. We present you Lisa Cimorelli from the band of sisters Cimorelli and Wesley Stromberg from Emblem3.

We didn’t even know Lisa and Wesley were such good friends but we’re glad to see that. The two joined forces to cover “Shout Out to My Ex” by Little Mix, so this video is basically just random girlband/boyband pieces put together. We love when that happens.

In the first part, you see Lisa and Wesley discussing how their cover should sound like the true musicians they are. Then, they perform an acoustic version of the song with Lisa on the piano and Wesley on the guitar. It looks like they’re two friends who just broke up with their significant others and are now singing their feelings away together.

Watch it all below!

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