5SOS’s drummer Ashton tries to grow a strawberry but it turns out to be a tomato

(Photo: Ashton Irwin on Instagram)

These days, 5 Seconds of Summer are on a little hiatus and, if their social media accounts are to be believed, the band is spending their days recording new music. However, that doesn’t mean that the Aussie guys should only be thinking about songs and chords 24/7. In fact, member Ashton Irwin seems like he is picking up a new hobby.

Yesterday, Ashton shared with Twitter that he is growing a strawberry (or strawberries) and it is coming out quite well. “I don’t freak out about many things, but…I grew my first strawberry!” Ashton wrote of this gardening adventure.

The accompanying photo shows a smooth green object among a jumble of leaves and branches. It does take the shape of a rather wide strawberry that seems to be in its fetus green stage. Unfortunately, knowledgeable fans were not jumping up and down with Ashton just yet because, to them, it is not a strawberry but a different fruit.

Some people even shared very helpful pictures to show what strawberries and tomatoes look like when they’re young. Clearly, they look quite different as strawberries have seeds growing on their surfaces while tomatoes are all-around smooth.

Ashton was quick to admit to his unintentional mistake and, not too long after, decided to tweet a followup. “Due to popular demand, and heavy amounts of research, what I may be growing is a tomato. We do need to be patient and wait and see…” he said before revealing that he bought the plant at Home Depot and implying that the store was responsible for this mixup.

*Sighs*. It’s okay, Ashton. Who hasn’t accidentally grown a tomato instead of a strawberry? You’re not alone.

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