Why Don’t We’s second EP is really “Something Different”

Why Don't We

(Photo: Why Don't We on Facebook)

American group Why Don’t We are all about giving fans good stuff. They recently dropped their second EP “Something Different“. It shares the same name as their latest single, which we covered here. We loved the way the song had a more dance-inspired sound, and we were excited for their EP to hear more interesting tracks.

The EP consists of five tracks. Two of them (“Tell Me” and “Made For”) actually sound like they could come from the group’s first EP. They really have that classic “Why Don’t We” production that we’re all familiar with.

If you’re looking for something different (pun intended), may we recommend “Air of the Night (Smooth Step), a dance track that caught us off-guard at first but eventually got us bopping our heads along. We’re not sure where it came from, but it’s really good.

The last number “Never Know” is one of our favorites. It’s an inspirational track about taking chances and letting go. In it, they sing, “Never comes only when never’s all that you know.” Whoa, right? We’ll give you a moment to reflect.

Thanks to Why Don’t We for releasing this gem and making our weekend. If you’ve got some time and your heart’s feeling light, give this EP a listen. We think you’ll like it.

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