Sophia from Four of Diamonds has a message for the haters

Sophia Saffarian

(Photo: Sophia Saffarian on Instagram)

It’s no surprise that when you put yourself out there, people will criticize. This is especially true in pop music, which many just love to hate. We don’t need to tell you the negative words people say about artists like One Direction because you’ve probably heard them all.

Sophia Saffarian is still a newbie to the music industry, but she’s seen and heard some things. She and her group Four of Diamonds appeared on the previous series of The X Factor, where they gained more fans (and a few haters). They also got a better look inside the industry and this is what Sophia had to say as she observed the way artists are treated:

In a new tweet, she reminded us of something very crucial: artists are humans, too. They’re not there for you to throw your negativity at.

“People are trying so hard and working their absolute butts off to try and get somewhere in the music industry,” she said. “These artists are following their dreams, just like any other person in any other career, giving it their all and ultimately taking a risk knowing that not everyone makes it (especially in this industry).”

She continued by noting that you are free to dislike an artist because their music doesn’t mesh with your tastes, but it doesn’t mean you should send them mean messages about their own work. “They are bringing something to the world, something that can’t and won’t harm you or even affect you in any way shape or form if you don’t want it to.

“And please realise…not every single artist will sound incredible straight away, or ever for that matter. It doesn’t work like that. So give people a chance and think twice before you leave such nasty comments.

“This is our pride and joy as artists, don’t put a damper on it because you think you know what the music industry needs and apparently it’s not whoever you’re watching.”

Make sure you read Sophia’s full post because these things really need to be said.

It is important to remember that artists share their work because they want to make others happy. If you don’t like it, there’s no need to waste your time leaving a rude message that will only hurt someone else and ultimately solves nothing.

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